Adorable Child Sings Adorable Song About Mohamed Salah

Everyone in Liverpool )well, the red part) loves Mohamed Salah. The smiley, goal-scoring Egyptian wonderboy has quickly become both a fan-favorite and a menace to society at the same time. His performance against Watford, four goals, an assist and the mercy-killing of Miguel Britos, is just the latest incredible feat in a season full of incredible feats.

Obviously, there have been songs written about Mo Salah. There have been many songs written about Mo Salah. This one is probably our favorite so far in terms of lyricism. However, in terms of songs that make us feel feelings (which is, after all, the point of songs) it has to be this one, sung by a wee lad.

Do we have any idea what the words are to the song? None. Do we care? Not even a little bit.

If there's anything that can brighten one's Monday it's the knowledge that at this moment there are British children running around demanding to be called "Mo Salah." You know what? Call me "Mo Salah" too. It's a nice name.

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