Seattle Sounders Latest MLS Club To Adopt Fan-Friendly Concessions Prices

Seattle is following the lead of Atlanta United. Let’s hope the rest of the league soon follows suit.

It started with Atlanta United. It continues with the Seattle Sounders. Soon we hope to see MLS fan-friendly food prices at concession stands across the league.

Atlanta United broke the mold when Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened in 2017 with concession prices that were actually affordable, even lowering prices for the stadium's second season. The idea was simple: Cheaper prices for food and beverages mean more people in the seats and more people buying concessions.

The prices offered up are almost unheard of in the United States: 

  • Unlimited soda/water: $2
  • Hot dog: $2
  • Popcorn: $2
  • Cheeseburger: $5
  • Craft beer: $5

These prices are insane for a restaurant, let alone an event venue.

Clearly, the plan worked, as record numbers of fans attended MLS matches last season, culminating in the stadium hosting both the 2018 MLS Cup and the 2019 Super Bowl

Now, other clubs across MLS are starting to take notice.

On Friday, the Seattle Sounders announced fan-friendly concessions prices for matches at CenturyLink Field. 

While not quite as cheap as in Atlanta, you can’t complain too much about a getting a hot dog and a beer for less than $10 at a sporting event these days. 

Everyone loves a good deal on food/drink, and with ticket prices steadily on the rise across the league, this is one of the best ways for clubs to get fans through the turnstiles. 

In 2018, the average combined attendance of the Colorado Rapids, Chicago Fire and Columbus Crew was less than the average attendance at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Atlanta United matches. Those clubs — and all others struggling to sell tickets — should immediately consider implementing MLS fan-friendly food prices. 

Atlanta United has shown how successful it can be. Let’s hope the rest of the league follows suit.