American Defender Miazga Handed Three-Match Ban For Punching Player In The Face

Miazga needs to work on his form. This looks like two cats fighting.

USMNT defender Matt Miazga is unable to stray away from controversy. Notable Miazga moments include the American being fined for grabbing another player’s groin and the time he made fun of Diego Lainez’s height during a friendly. The latest Miazga incident is getting suspended for Reading’s next three matches after throwing punches against Derby County.

With how horrible 2020 has been so far, Miazga must have felt like he needed to add to the year’s drama with a fight against Derby County’s Tom Lawrence. It must also be noted that this altercation between Lawrence and the American defender took place after the final the whistle.

Matt Miazga Fight vs. Tom Lawrence

Being in a family that owns eight cats (no, I’m not proud of it), I can conclude that my cat Coconut has thrown better punches than whatever that was from Miazga. My favorite part is after giving Lawrence a feline-esque swipe across the face, Miazga immediately looks at the referee and points to his own face. I imagine he said something to the referee along the lines of, “Yeah, I know I just threw a punch at this man, but he also hurt my lip with his head, so really it’s not my fault.”

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Derby County defeated Reading 2-1 with Lawrence and Wayne Rooney scoring the Rams’ goals. Lawrence probably made some cheeky comment toward Miazga about the victory that prompted the New Jersey native to retaliate. Or perhaps Lawrence went deeper with his insults and hit Miazga where it really hurts.

“Hey Miazga, how does it feel to have been one of your country’s most promising defenders four years ago and now no one talks about you? What was it like exciting everyone when you signed to Chelsea in 2016, but since then you have only made two appearances for the Blues and now you are helplessly trapped in their loan system with no way out?” Lawrence probably, definitely said.

Miazga’s journey hasn’t had the easiest beginning, but the good news is that he is only 24 years old and has time to turn his career around. In Reading’s next game I’m sure he will prove the haters wrong and show the world that he … oh, right, three match ban. Well in Reading’s fourth game from now he’ll answer his doubters in style and force Chelsea to call him back up to the Premier League.

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