Luka Zahovic Unlocks A Defense With An Absurd Flick Followed By A Great Lob

Luka Zahovic, a 21-year-old forward for Maribor, scored an incredible goal in the Slovenian league.

21-year-old Luka Zahovic, a Slovenian youth international who was nominated for the FIFA Golden Boy award in 2014, has scored a beautiful goal for Maribor in league play.

An audacious flick with the heel of his boot served as a remarkable first touch, leaving two defenders in his wake. With the keeper rushing out and his angle narrowing, Zahovic’s second touch is a deft lob on the half-volley that arches over the goalkeeper and just under the crossbar.  

Zahovic has yet to make his senior debut for Slovenia as his club teammate Milivoje Novakovic has maintained his place, leading the line at 37 years of age. 

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