Liverpool's Season So Far Explained In One Video

So far this season, Liverpool FC have dominated Manchester City at Manchester City, done the same thing to Chelsea, been the first team to hold Leicester City scoreless, gone to penalties with a fourth division team, lost twice to West Ham, beat Southampton 6-1 and lost to Newcastle at home.

In short, Liverpool's season makes no sense. At least, that's what we thought. And then we found this video of Martin Skrtel wearing a mechanical turkey hat. And everything made sense.

Martin Skrtel Explains Liverpool

This video encapsulates Liverpool's season perfectly. Skrtel is a solid defender, and Liverpool are a solid team, but Skrtel is prone to bouts of doing stupid things like wearing a mechanical turkey hat, and so are many of his teammates in red.

Christian Benteke scoring the winner against Leicester: solid player. Christian Benteke missing an open net in extra time in the same game: turkey hat.

Daniel Sturridge scoring braces against Aston Villa and Southampton: solid player. Daniel Sturridge being injured immediately after both games: turkey hat.

Simon Mignolet recording the most EPL clean sheets in 2015: solid player. Simon Mignolet holding the ball for 22 seconds against Bordeax, who scored on the ensuing free-kick: turkey hat.

You get the idea.

They should all have to wear turkey hats during the actual games so we know what the deal is.

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