Liverpool Trashed Manchester City

I am still scared of the second leg.

Liverpool ran rampant over Manchester City Wednesday at Anfield, bringing a 3-0 advantage into the second leg next week at the Etihad. No player could be said to have had a bad game. The team worked as a cohesive unit, like a Swiss watch. Manchester City did not even have a shot on target and looked nigh-helpless against the Reds.

But I am worried about the second leg.

Look at this silliness:

That is an evisceration. That is an annihilation. That is a domination.

It is also, however, a team in the middle of an injury near-crisis and a worrying tendency to throw things away at the worst possible moment. The second leg could easily end up the same scoreline in reverse, or worse. I am worried and will remain worried until the final whistle sounds on the second leg and the Reds are declared winners of the tie. 

That will probably happen. Unless it won't.

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