Lionel Messi Still Hasn't Signed His New Contract

Lionel Messi agreed to a new contract earlier this summer, but the Barcelona superstar still hasn't put ink to paper.

Lionel Messi has agreed to sign a new contract with Barcelona, but Messi has not actually signed said contract yet.

This is obviously not good for Barcelona, who have to deal with the fallout from Neymar's transfer. Messi's current deal runs out after this season, but Barcelona have always maintained Messi would stay at the Camp Nou. It seemed like that was a certainty when La Pulga's new deal was announced earlier in the summer, to be officially signed when Messi showed up for pre-season training.

Well, the preseason has ended. The season is beginning. Messi still has not signed the deal, according to

Barcelona's tone has shifted from "done deal" to "would be very surprised if the signing didn't happen." That does not bode well. There is trouble in paradise.


The best way to make sure Messi stays in the Blaugrana is sign some new good players. So far in this window, Barcelona have lost Neymar and gained Nelson Semedo and Paulinho. If their underwhelming performances continue on and off the field, that contract will likely remain unsigned.

If Barcelona sign their top targets (Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele) between now and the end of the window, it will be a lot easier to get Messi's signature on the dotted line. If they miss, though, and Messi doesn't sign the extension, he knows any team in the world would welcome him with open arms.

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