LA Galaxy Rightfully And Hilariously Mock Portland Timbers' Divers

The LA Galaxy social media team won the internet today, and the Portland Timbers lost.

The LA Galaxy challenged the Portland Timbers, and our MLS Rankings of Power, by posting a disparaging meme aimed at Diego Chara and David Guzman after the two combined to get Jelle Van Damme sent off on Sunday.

Van Damme was booked for both tackles although he made contact with neither player. Guzman actually spectacularly injured himself with his dive, which is another joke in and of itself.

However, the social media team in Los Angeles got in on an internet meme because can you imagine a more hip and happening social media team than the one at Los Angeles? The Shooting Stars meme, which has mainly benefitted Australian electronic duo Bag Raiders, was employed to show Chara and Guzman falling through all sorts of scenery and scenarios.

Portland, a city which hasn’t exactly built its name off of having thick skin, responded in turn. 

You see, the Galaxy typically have larger attendances than the Timbers (25,147 vs. 21,144), but they have a worse attendance if you factor in the percentages of oh my God that’s not a good comeback Portland. 

Portland did later post this message, which will be hugely upsetting to the people of San Diego, so they’ve missed the mark again. Leave those poor Chargers fans alone. 

In incredibly stupid news, the MLS is reportedly looking into this on the grounds of Don Garber having a massive stick up his a**. 

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