Kevin Walker Is A Professional Footballer, A Pop Star, And The Most Eligible Bachelor On Earth

Meet Kevin Walker: professional footballer and pop music sensation.

We are going to go out on a limb here and say that after watching that video, most of find yourself falling into one of three main groups: 1) People who wish they were Kevin Walker, 2) People who now hate Kevin Walker, and 3) People who want to spend the rest of their waking days with Kevin Walker. 

We won’t judge which group you fall into. We, after all, are currently doing a bit of soul searching after realizing that we sort of fall into all three at the same time. To say we are now confused is a massive understatement. 

His Wikipedia page does not explicitly state that he does not have a girlfriend, but we all know that nothing is official until its “wiki-ficial.” That, ladies and gentlemen, means that Kevin Walker is the most eligible bachelor in the world. 

Such a realization has left us, and surely you, with some burning questions. So, allow us to inform you about the man responsible for both the Djurgarden midfield and the #2 album on the Swedish music charts. No, sorry, we don’t know if he is more of a Tinder or ChristianMingle kind of guy.

As it turns out, Kevin Walker was not always a good looking Swedish professional athlete and music sensation. In the beginning, he was just a good looking Swedish amateur athlete. We all have to start somewhere, we suppose.

He didn’t discover his love of music until a serious battle with blood poisoning in 2009 prevented him from playing soccer for a year. It was during his recovery that he was introduced to the guitar, and it is safe to say that his musical talents have truly come into their own since then. 

Kevin got his big break when an amateur recording of an impromptu performance of his caught the attention of the producers of Swedish Idol, a singing competition in the same vein as its American counterpart.

Kevin would take part in Swedish Idol 2013, and eventually was named the winner of the competition. Since then, his life has been a whirlwind of musical and athletic performances. “It just went mad,” Kevin said. “Before I knew it, they were rearranging my games to fit in with the show, and I was singing at the princess’s birthday party and doing duets with Robbie Williams.”

And because Kevin Walker just might be the most perfect human being to ever walk the Earth, you can bet that he never shirked his responsibilities as a footballer: “I never missed a training session and I played every minute of the season.”

If that isn't the cherry on top of Kevin’s “Most Eligible Bachelor” Sundae, we don't know what is. He’s hard working, athletic, musical, good-looking, and his paycheck is surely nothing to laugh at. Every time he walks into a room in his homeland of Sweden, a wild pack of young women suddenly appears, and who could blame them?

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out." Photo: @SjogrenPatrik | Twitter

OK, that last part probably doesn’t happen, but let’s just say that we wouldn’t be surprised if it ever did. We hope that Kevin Walker realizes what a charmed life he is leading. Sure, he probably makes a lot of the people in his life incredibly jealous, and that incredible jealousy might turn into a murderous rage, but that is part of the deal.

So, Kevin Walker, whereever you are, please remember: we want to be you, we hate you because we want to be you, and we are confused because we may or may not want to spend the rest of our lives with you.

You'd better get used to it.  

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