Jose Mourinho’s Bus Was Parked Against His Will

No one knows more about parking the bus than Jose Mourinho. Though in England he’s often credited with coining the phrase as a derisory comment about Tottenham playing defensively in 2004, Mourinho is a manager who is not afraid to go all-out defense to get a result.

On Wednesday, someone parked Mourinho’s bus.


Manchester United was in Dublin to play a friendly against Sampdoria, but the bus seems to have been parked in the wrong place, earning a boot on the tire preventing the vehicle from moving. In Dublin, they call it getting clamped. 

The Clamps!

It’s delicious irony for Mourinho haters or wonderful schadenfreude for non-Manchester United fans. 

Unfortunately for those who despise defensive tactics, Mourinho recently bought Nemanja Matic, the ultimate warrior for bus parkers. One hopes Matic will use his defensive abilities to free up Paul Pogba to do Paul Pogba things, but chances are just as good Matic and Pogba will do Mourinho things and leave Romelu Lukaku stranded up top while the rest of the team parks the bus.

At least United is getting some strong preseason training in both on and off the pitch parking the bus. 

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