Manchester United Just Bought An Ideal Midfield Partner For Paul Pogba

Last season, I felt really bad for Paul Pogba. Manchester United's record signing had to play in central midfield partnered with Marouane Fellaini. Pogba never had time or space to do cool Pogba stuff because he was busy putting out fires Fellaini had started.

This season, it looks like Pogba will be free, as Manchester United have brought in Serbian defensive midfielder Nemanja Matic, formerly of Chelsea, who complements Pogba's playing style way better than Fellaini did.

Matic inherits the squad number formerly worn by Bastian Schweinsteiger at United.

Matic, at 6'4", is a hulking presence in central midfield with good vision and tactical awareness. He can also do this:

Although Jose Mourinho has said Marouane Fellaini will remain at United, Matic's entrance means much of that time will likely be spent on the bench.

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