Classy Japan Fans Clean Up Stadium After Dusting Scotland

What amount of responsibility do spectators have to clean up after themselves? It’s something anyone who attends a sporting event, movie or concert must ask themselves: Do I dispose of my trash after the show is over or leave it for others to pick up?

I’d rather not guess what percentage of people leave their trash at their seats — I’d wager it’s quite high, based on what I’ve personally witnessed in the U.S. What I can say is that fans of Japan’s men’s and women’s national teams are certainly not ones to leave trash to others.

Japan supporters once again proved they are the nicest soccer fans in the world on Friday. After fans of Japan stayed to clean up trash following men’s World Cup matches in Russia last year, they’re doing it again this year at the Women’s World Cup.

Following Japan’s 2-1 defeat of Scotland, fans of the Asian champions stuck around at Roazhon Park in Rennes, France, to clean up trash left behind by other spectators. 

Classy stuff from the fans, who were not content to just pick up their own trash, but that of others as well.

As for the action on the pitch, Japan controlled most of the match against Scotland, taking a 2-0 lead before halftime.

Mana Iwabuchi scored on a rifling shot from the top of the 18 to open the scoring in the 23rd minute.

Yuika Sugasawa then made it 2-0 with a penalty kick in the 37th minute.

Scotland, as it did in a 2-1 loss to England on Sunday, pulled one back, but couldn’t complete the comeback despite their awesome uniforms. Lana Clelland capitalized on a shocking Japanese mistake with a blistering golazo in the 88th minute.

Defeat for Scotland leaves it in last place in Group D heading into the final round of group-stage matches. The Scots still have a chance to advance as a third-place team with a win over Argentina on Wednesday. 

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