Senegal And Japan Win The Award For Best Fans At The World Cup

Senegal and Japan both had plenty to smile about yesterday. Both sides were tipped by many to be on the losing end of things in their games against Poland and Colombia, respectively, but they surprised just about everyone by taking home three points apiece.

You’d expect the fans to be going absolutely bonkers, right? Well, it turns out Senegal and Japan have the best fans at World Cup 2018. Sorry to every other nation, but it’s true.

The fans of Senegal and Japan stuck around after they had witnessed their teams win. What did they do? Just pick up a bunch of trash left behind in the stadium. 

Yep, these fans should be given a ton of high-faves, pats on the back and maybe even someone buying them a beer. The bar has been set people. Let’s see who can top this absolutely class act of generosity. It's not the first time we've seen this from Japan.

We’re not sure what could top it, honestly. Maybe a Belgian fan giving a footrub to a Tunisian fan? A Brazil fan and Costa Rica fan sharing a bar of chocolate? Maybe even a Sweden and Germany fan trading scented candles, with one smelling like a freshly cooked frankfurter sausage and the other smelling like rotten fish. The possibilities are endless.

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