World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 7

Today's games were expected to be one-sided affairs, but that wasn't the case. Heavyweights Portugal, Uruguay and Spain all struggled to hold on to 1-0 leads to get the vital three points. Not the most exciting day of the World Cup so far, but Twitter was still making the day and games enjoyable with some witty banter.

Portugal vs Morocco

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a header early on and the rest of the game was Morocco hammering away at Portugal's goal, but Rui Patricio was a brick wall. Once again, it's Ronaldo carrying Portgual, he has all of his team's four goals giving them four total points. Ronaldo is going all out for this World Cup.

Am I the only who finds how much Cristiano is licking his lips around children very creepy?

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia

Uruguay grinded out another 1-0 win. Saudi Arabia never looked that threatening, but it did have a lot of possession. Luis Suarez was up to his usual shenanigans and scored the only goal, so of course he was all over Twitter.

Iran vs Spain

Iran decided to take Jose Mourinho's tactics to a whole new level and parked the biggest bus in front of goal. Spain eventually broke them down to take a 1-0 lead. However, Iran almost brought it level again as it scored off a set piece, but it was disallowed by an offside call.

Best part of the whole game was this guy lighting a cig with a flaming wallet. We're all living in 2018 and this guy is living in 3018

In other news...

Ahhhhh WTF

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