Mauro Icardi’s Stunning Volley Paves Way For Momentous Spurs Collapse

Tottenham's too tired to function.

Tottenham is tired. How much of it is the World Cup? How much of it the complete lack of rejuvenation by way of transfers? How much of it is the media incessantly telling us that Tottenham’s tired (although Son Heung-min told us as much too)? How much of it is the dopey-looking faces of Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen? I just don’t know. 

I don’t have any pseudoscience for you relating that far-off look in Kane’s eyes to a cry for a few days locked away in his Essex home with nothing but his parents’ Netflix login for company. All I know is that for 84 minutes today, Spurs played a difficult away trip in the Champions League to a T.

They didn’t generate a lot of chances, but they took the lion’s share of possession, limited Inter to nothing and scored off a flukey-but-sustained-period-of-pressure kinda deal.  

Here’s Eriksen’s (tired?) looper in the 53rd minute. 

But I’m not a sports better and I’ll tell you why: to paraphrase Kane, I would’ve sworn on my daughter’s life that Tottenham was going to escape the San Siro with three points. It was an absolute, bonafide certainty. Mauro Icardi? Overrated. For sure. 

Then we enter the 85th minute, and let me show you why Icardi is the greatest, most talismanic, most inspirational captain the Nerazzurri have ever had! 

Tottenham then went on tilt, so it goes. For a side with so many England internationals, this was definitely a case of getting a piece of one’s own medicine. It’s a brilliant corner, finished by Matias Vecino.  

This was a momentous Spurs collapse, and the club’s next game in the UCL is at home to Barcelona. They better get some sleep. 

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