This Guido Rodríguez Golazo For Club America Will Make You Scream

Guido Rodríguez can kick. Be it the face of his opponents or the ball, the Argentinean has proven he has enough power in his right foot to make any stadium explode with joy or awe.

Earlier this season, it was former Club América star Rubens Sambueza who got savagely kicked in the face by his compatriot Guido Rodríguez

The incident was one more in a series of events that led Rodríguez to earn a few red cards and a quite a scolding from manager Miguel Herrera.

As the weeks progressed, however, Rodríguez showed he had learned the lesson and became a more disciplined player. At least, he hasn’t been sent off since.

As Liga MX headed into the final week of the regular season prior to the playoffs, much was at stake in the Santos vs Club América game. The very last match of the season, the outcome of that game would define the quarterfinals in La Liguilla.

It was also a crucial clash for Los Azulcremas as they were in serious need of a win, having won only one point out of the three previous games.

Guido celebrates

Photo: @SC_ESPN | Twitter

As things stood, if Club América beat Santos, they would finish third and face Cruz Azul in the quarterfinals, with the second leg played at Estadio Azteca.

Should Los Cremas draw or lose, they would have finished fifth and play against Toluca, playing the the second leg at the Nemesio Diéz.

As the game headed into the 80th minute, with the score 0-0, it seemed almost certain that América would finish fifth, thus complicating the playoff round for them.

But then along came Guido Rodríguez, who struck the most unbelievable goal that has América fans still screaming in disbelief.

The Guido Rodríguez goal meant not only the three points for Club América but also defined La Liguilla. América will face Cruz Azul on Thursday and the second leg will be played at Estadio Azteca on Sunday night.

We can only assume Rubens Sambueza is relieved he won’t have meet again with Guido Rodríguez in the quarterfinals.

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