Rumors Of A FIFA Street Mode In FIFA 19 Have Broken The Internet

FIFA 19 is just eight weeks from being released (Sept. 28), and the hype is starting to build. EA Sports managed to win the licence for the Champions League and Europa League over from the folks at Konami and PES, so already FIFA 19 has a point on the board over its rivals. 

But, if rumors are to be believed, that’s not all that will be different about FIFA 19 this year. 

FIFA 19 will see a return of the beloved FIFA Street game, or at least a mode that's very similar.

Obviously most football fans know better than to read too far into something they see on Twitter, but this screenshot does look somewhat legit. The last player standing concept also demonstrates that Fortnite really has changed the gaming landscape in the past few months. A football battle royale seems rather crazy, but if rumors are to be believed, it could happen. 

Embed from Getty Images

Other rumors surrounding the next edition in the FIFA gaming franchise include Fortnite celebrations being added (namely Griezmann’s “take the L” celebration) as well as something new called “House Rules.”

What might this new House Rules mode entail? 

Apparently its a bunch of different rules and modes that players can use when playing each other. It’s mainly meant for friends playing with each other, with some rumored modes including only goals scored from outside of the box, an entire team starting on yellow cards and only headers or volleys counting as goals.

At this stage, no one really knows what will be in FIFA 19 when it gets released on September 28. But if the rumors mentioned do indeed turn out to be true, this could be one of the best FIFA games we've had in years.

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