England Nationals To Abandon Games If Hit With Racial Abuse

The English team will take matters into its own hand.

The England national team has collectively agreed it will leave any match if any player is subject to racial abuse from fans.


The Three Lions' next two matches will be in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, where the team has previously suffered from abuse.

Manager Gareth Southgate called a meeting Monday night with all English players to discuss the possibility of another racial attack.

Players have sometime taken matters into their own hands and left the pitch in the midst of a match.

But Southgate has urged his players to follow the UEFA protocol if any players become the victim of racial slurs, chants, etc.

This UEFA protocol entails a three-strike rule for dealing with fans. The referees will give two separate warnings to fans — first stopping it, then suspending it — before deciding on whether to abandon the game. Then if abandoned, deciding if the game is to be replayed.

According to FA rules, an abandoned match will be replayed unless the officials or UEFA rule otherwise.

However, the English could refuse to replay the match in protest of the frequent racist actions the team has endured.

They most recently suffered the abuse in Montenegro back in March.

The problem is everywhere the sport reaches and although countries’ football associations are being hit with fines, the problem is hardly being solved in this solution.

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