A Doggy Ran On The Field During The Copa Libertadores

A match between Zamora and Gremio was visited by a very good pitch invader.

Last week, during a Copa Libertadores match between Zamora (Venezuela) and Gremio (Brazil), a good dog just couldn't contain itself and ran on the field.

Dogs are ostensibly not supposed to run on the field during soccer games, but they do it anyway. It makes sense. A soccer field is the ideal place for a dog to run around and do stuff. Soccer fields are big open spaces with nice grass and humans to interact with. What else could a dog want? A treat, I guess, but not much else.

It would be fun if they continued play with the dog running around on the field, but some bureaucrat would probably get mad and put a stop to it. In any case, we're happy the dog got to run around on some nice grass. Hopefully it got some pets and some treats afterward.

(H/T Vice Sports)

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