Diego Maradona Is Totally In The Tank For Vladimir Putin

Argentine legend Diego Maradona has a thing for communist dictators.

Diego Maradona was in Russia for the Confederations Cup last week, and during his visit he continued his habit of being very complimentary toward communist politicians, most notably Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Here's what Maradona told Russia Today:

“I think that after [Hugo] Chavez and Fidel [Castro], Putin – together with [Ariel] Ortega and Evo [Morales], represent the ‘top league” of political leaders, said Maradona, who arrived in Moscow on Friday.

“Putin is a man who can bring peace to many in this world,” he added, describing the Russian leader as “a phenomenon; simply a phenomenon.”

Diego Maradona has never been one to shy away from politics or really anything. He speaks his mind. Since he will probably never be out of the spotlight, his opinions are more widely known than those of others. 

As for his opinion of Putin, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

(H/T Deadspin)


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