Did Dani Alves Wipe His Nose On Ronaldo?

There is controversy surrounding Real Madrid's Champions League win over PSG involving Dani Alves, Ronaldo and some boogers.

Footballers aren't like regular humans. They live different lives, and operate in completely different planes of existence. To wit: in my capacity as a professional soccer jokester, I have never had to take to social media to deny wiping a booger on the shirt of a professional colleague. Not even at the company Christmas party.

Dani Alves, however . . .

Here is the offending incident:

That looks like a bit of a stretch to me, even though it is way more fun to believe Dani Alves wiped a booger on Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt on purpose during the Champions League knockout stage.

In any case, PSG were the ones being wiped on Wednesday. You might say they blew their chance.

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