A Croatian 7th Division Player Just Broke The Record For Consecutive Hat Tricks

Stjepan Lucijanic looks like a bus driver, but he just set one of the most impressive records in soccer.

Lucijanic plays for NK Dracice Dakovo in the Croatian seventh division, and he scored a hat trick (or more) in five straight matches recently, breaking an 18-year-old record held by Japanese forward Masashija Nakayamu. Overall, Lucijanic scored 20 goals in the five games.

This isn't even the only cool thing Lucijanic has done on a soccer field. Earlier this season he scored six (six!) goals in one match, and one time he scored 12 seconds into a match.

And he did all this while looking like an even-more-out-of-shape version of pre-hairplugs Wayne Rooney.

The lesson here: bus drivers can be badasses too.

(H/T FOX Soccer)

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