Bastian Schweinsteiger Went For A Walk

Bastian Schweinsteiger has yet to appear for Manchester United this season. The German midfielder returned to first team training recently (after being forced to train alone), reportedly to get in shape for a possible January move.

It can't be easy for Schweinsteiger to go through this situation with United, which he has said will be his last club in Europe. That's why we're glad to see Schweinsteiger getting some fresh air and light exercise, as well as keeping his spirits up, by going for a walk.

We should all go for more walks. Walks are nice. Schweinsteiger looks pleased to be going for a walk, and he's in a pretty tough professional situation right now.

Dogs like walks too, and dogs are good and cool. Dogs don't care who the president is or if Bastian Schweinsteiger is getting time for Manchester United, they just want to go for a walk.

Also, that scarf. Bastian Schweinsteiger rocks the scarf like few men can. He's almost as good at scarves as he is at soccer. Actually, he might be better. We bet if Manchester United were a scarf club instead of a football club, Bastian Schweinsteiger would get to play.

But he doesn't get to play, so he just goes for walks.

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