You Won't Believe The UCL Record Cristiano Ronaldo Just Broke

Cristiano Ronaldo is now the player with most UCL victories in the history of the UEFA Champions League.

After Real Madrid beat Bayern Munich 1-2 in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals, Ronaldo surpassed Íker Casillas, a former Real Madrid teammate, who previously held the record with a total 98 wins in the tournament.

Interestingly, both players have played the majority of their UCL games for Real Madrid.

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Cristiano Ronaldo playing in the UCL for Manchester United 

Moreover, Casillas holds the record of most appearances in the UEFA Champions League with a total of 175.

There is no doubt Cristiano Ronaldo is among the most renowned and successful players ever to participate in Europe's most prestigious club competition.

But that is not all, Cristiano Ronaldo's UCL records are unbelievable and even borderline crazy.

In addition to the record he just broke, Cristiano Ronaldo is also the top scorer in UCL history, with 120 goals.

The Portuguese superstar is also the player with most goals in a UCL season. He scored 17 times in the 2013-2014 edition of the tournament and lead Real Madrid to winning their tenth UCL title.

Ronaldo is also the only player to score in 11 straight UEFA Champions League games.

Cristiano Ronaldo UCL Records

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Ronaldo is tied with Lionel Messi for the most goals scored by a single player in the group stage with 60.

All of these amounts to an unbelievable UEFA Champions League legacy, challenged by none.

Now Cristiano Ronaldo is the record's absolute holder with 99 UCL victories and he could make it round numbers when Real Madrid host Bayern Munich in the semifinal second leg.

Or will he save it for the final?

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