Cristiano Ronaldo And Spain Reach $22 Million Deal Over Tax Problem

After years of legal complications with the Spanish government, tax evasion and fraud, Cristiano Ronaldo and Spain’s tax agency reached a deal and a two-year prison sentence. The Ronaldo tax settlement will cost the Juventus forward $22 million. The jail term is suspended given Spain’s no-prison law for first-time offenders of non-violent crimes if the term is two years or less.

The former Real Madrid star is under probation. If offenses are redone during the two-year spell, Ronaldo may very well face actual jail time. Ronaldo, the prosecutor’s office and the state attorney came to the fine-based settlement, which is only the money owed plus interest.

Some say Ronaldo will be paying Spain in Nike shoes:

The four tax offenses concern alleged irregularities in Ronaldo’s image rights income between 2011 and 2014. El Pais reports an estimated €14.7 million, a bit over $17 million, in tax evasion.

In March, Ronaldo met with Spanish tax authorities and offered the equivalent of almost $6 million, which upset the authorities into legally proceeding with criminal charges.

Ronnie probably raised Juventus’ interest in buying by 1,000 percent after this beauty:

The Sultan of the Step-over was also accused of keeping his taxable image rights money in offshore accounts in the British Virgin Islands and Ireland. Money Control reports Ronaldo’s legal team to have misinterpreted Spanish law, stating a confusion over which revenue to declare.

The five-time Champions League winner didn’t join Juventus for its preseason U.S. tour as he visited China recently.

Ronaldo is assumed to be debuting with Juventus against AC ChievoVerona on Serie A’s opening day Sunday, Aug. 19. His home debut is a week after on Sunday, Aug. 26, against Lazio.  

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