Cristiano Ronaldo Can't Catch A Break With Statues

One day, Cristiano Ronaldo will get a statue that looks like him. But not yet.

Cristiano Ronaldo looks like he was forged out of steel, but when you try to use actual steel (or similar metal) to forge something that is supposed to look like Cristano Ronaldo, you end up with something that does not look like Cristiano Ronaldo at all.

You end up with this:

It is not difficult to find out what Cristiano Ronaldo looks like. There are like a bazillion pictures of him floating around on the Internet. And still we end up with the above.

That isn't a complaint, by the way. Really, it's a good thing for me, personally. I get a nice chuckle, I get to read some nice jokes on the Internet, the company I work for gets some easy #content that will in turn drive #engagement with our #brand. Honestly I hope they never make a Ronaldo statue that looks like him.

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