Club América Sold Pablo Aguilar And Fans Are Losing Their Minds

Pablo Aguilar has officially left Club América and "Las águilas" fans are losing their minds. Everyone is wondering how Club América came to even think of allowing arguably their most reliable player to leave the club.

Aguilar is no doubt one of the best defenders in Liga MX. Four years ago, Aguilar joined Club América from Tijuana and proved to be one of the best purchases the club has made in recent times. Now Aguilar is headed back to Tijuana.

There is speculation as to whether it was a personal problem between manager Miguel Herrera and the Paraguayan defender that led to Aguilar's departure. There are voices that speak about some health issues that would have forced Aguilar to leave Mexico City in search for a city at lesser altitude.

Not very much is clear, fans are upset and Mexican sports media doesn't seem to understand the reasons behind this surprising move.

Pablo Aguilar

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A strong center back, the Paraguayan also has unquestionable leadership traits and remarkable goal scoring skills, something very few defenders can do.

During his eight seasons playing for Las Águilas, Aguilar played 166 matches and won three trophies: one league title and two CONCACAF Champions League. 

Pablo Aguilar also managed to score 20 goals, becoming the club's top-scoring foreign defender in history. 

Take a look at his best moments playing for America here:

In exchange for Pablo Aguilar, Club América acquired three Tijuana players: Henry Martin, Víctor Aguilera and Joe Corona.

Even as these are players that Miguel Herrera knows and trusts, fans are still quite upset about one of their favorite players leaving the club. 

It remains to be seen whether Miguel Herrera will be able to put together a team that can compete with Tigres and Monterrey. 

Certainly, unless some great player signs for Club América in the upcoming weeks, the decision to let Pablo Aguilar go will be much criticized.

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