Burnley Substitutes Shelter Children From Fan Violence At West Ham

While fan violence during Burnley's 3-0 trouncing of West Ham Saturday got out of control, the Burnley substitutes bench sprang into action to help some kids out.

The scenes at London Stadium during Burnley's 3-0 win over West Ham on Saturday quickly devolved into ugliness, with West Ham ultras fighting in the stands and occasionally running on the field and fighting there.

There was, however, a silver lining of sorts. When West Ham fans were punching each other in the stands, some Burnley subsitutes gave up their seats on the bench to a group of children to shelter them from the violence.

So Burnley won the match in terms of soccer and in terms of sportsmanship.

West Ham continues to be a disaster both on and off the field (much of the violence was in protest of West Ham's administration), and the parents of these kids will surely think again before going back to London Stadium, regardless of whether the kids got to meet the Burnley substitutes.

(H/T Yahoo)

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