The New Adidas Glitch 17 Boots Will Make You Wish You Lived In The UK

Adidas released another beauty of a football boot, but the fully customizable offering is only available in the United Kingdom.

Adidas has done it again. After releasing the X and the Nemeziz, adidas fired more shots at Nike without even needing to reload. The latest cleats from adidas are true beauties and have newly developed technology that the older F50 Tunit boots first pioneered. These boots had interchangeable studs that allowed you to choose from soft, firm or hard ground.

The new Glitch 17 pays homage to the old Tunit boots, but instead of changing out the studs, you can change out the whole upper. You can choose the color of the sole insert, the pattern on the upper and the configuration of the studs. Whatever combination you choose, the sleek, laceless design will leave your opponents caught in a trance as you dance by them. 

The only downside to these masterpieces is that they are only available in the United Kingdom. Time will only tell if adidas will do the rest of the world a favor and release them outside of the UK. I'm not willing to risk this, so excuse me while I book my flight to London tomorrow so I can get my hands on some of these. Take my money adidas!!!    

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