Algeria Wins 2019 AFCON On Stupidly Lucky Goal Against Senegal

Sadio Mané and Senegal were denied their first-ever Africa Cup of Nations title with a 1-0 loss in the final.

It was, perhaps, the worst goal call of all time. And it unfortunately came on the match winner as Algeria won its second-ever Africa Cup of Nations title. 

Proving once again that it’s better to have announcers in the stadium, a clueless beIN Sports announcer seemed to have no idea the game-winning goal had gone in when Baghdad Bounedjah scored to give Algeria a 1-0 win over Senegal on Friday in Cairo. 

The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations was another thrilling edition of Africa’s championship tournament. The final came down to one goal — one big moment early in the match. And it caught some people napping.

In the second minute, less than 80 seconds into the match, Bounedjah ripped a shot from about 20 yards out. The effort was immediately blocked by Salif Sané, and everyone watched almost in slow motion as the ball bounced into the sky and into the back of the net. 

Well, everyone except the beIN Sports announcer.

The announcer says, “did you see what happened there?” as if he’s trying to cover his tracks for having not seen it in real time himself, perhaps the only one watching who didn’t realize what had happened (except maybe the Senegal goalkeeper). Even the Twitter admin tries to cover for the announcer with the “What just happened” tweet. 

It was all a bit embarrassing for the announcer, who probably wasn’t even in the stadium for the match. 

For reference of how the goal should have been called, here’s an Arabic announcer’s version of the events.

Now that’s the advantage of actually being in the stadium. But uhh, what ever happened to no cheering in the press box?

As for the actual goal, it was certainly fortunate for Algeria, who had exactly one shot the entire match. Then again, Senegal was only in the final thanks to a fortunate goal of its own against Tunisia in the semifinals

But Algeria won't complain after having gone nearly 30 years since its last AfCoN title, having won its first championship in 1990.

Algeria was also a bit fortunate to hang on to the lead, with the referee awarding Senegal a penalty in the second half but then deciding, with the help of the VAR, to reverse his call. 

Sadio Mané, meanwhile, had a rough match for Senegal.

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Early on he took a knee to the head and in the second half when he got into a good position, he shot so hard his boot flew off and ended up going farther than his blocked shot. The Liverpool forward was also a bit fortunate not to get a card for throwing an elbow at Sofiane Feghouli, who himself probably could’ve been carded for his reaction that was almost as slow as the beIN Sports announcer’s reaction to the opening goal.

Senegal has never won an Africa Cup of Nations. The only other final the Lions of Teranga had appeared in was in 2002, when Cameroon won the title on penalties. 

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