11-Year-Old Finds Genius Way To Practice In Isolation, Professionals Take Notice

This kid is onto something.

An 11-year-old goalkeeper has taken the internet by storm with his unique way to keep his goalkeeping skills sharp. The youth keeper, who is an only child, has proven to the world that even in isolation you can work on your craft.

The boy’s mother tweeted the video out on March 23. Only two days later, the video has reached nearly 10 million views.

Genius, simply genius. So simple, yet so effective. Despite missing the second save, the kid earns a 10-out-of-10 for creativity.

Of the 10 million people that saw the video, stars like David de Gea and Ben Foster replied.

De Gea gave his nod of approval.

De Gea’s teammate Juan Mata offered up his free kicks after the isolation is over.

The nicest guy in all of football, Foster, also offered a training session.

Plenty of other players and clubs made sure to show their appreciation.

If you’ve been looking for a way to practice your goalkeeping skills, then make a make-shift goal, find a fence and get to work.

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