Here's A Soundboard To Get You Through The Worst Zoom Meetings

You'll probably get a promotion.

Due to events, is your dialogue with work colleagues now limited to Google Hangouts and Zoom conferencing? Has quality time with friends and family been restricted to phone calls? Have you now realized, weeks later, that you just don’t have that much to say?

Take it from me — someone whose job is to convince you otherwise — there’s actually not that much worth communicating. There's no shame in that; most noise deprives us of our peace of mind and better feelings.  

But that won’t stop people from demanding your correspondence, most likely as an unconscious flex of their own ego. 

So while the monotony of staying at home envelopes you in an endless succession of undivided days, don't let the mindless drivel of a “hyperconnected world” dictate your own experience. Use this soundboard to feign your continued participation in the rat race while you reflect on other things.

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