Is This The Worst Flop Ever Or A Terrible Case Of The Sunday Scaries?

Steven Berghuis just doesn’t want to go to training tomorrow.

I wasn’t at today’s Eredivisie match between Feyenoord and Utrecht at De Kuip (my boss won’t send me to Rotterdam), but I have a pretty good idea of how this scene between the home side’s Steven Berghuis and Utrecht captain Willem Janssen played out. It’s the ultimate enactment of the Sunday Scaries. 

See how sad Berghuis was? See how Janssen gave him a little love tap, a little “there, there, big fella. I don’t wanna see my buddy looking so down with a frown.” But then see how utterly disconsolate Berghuis was as he collapsed into rubble? 

Too much sauce this weekend. Too much time wasted on some damn dating app. Too little creative output and too much existential dread. 

It’s either that or this was the most pathetic dive ever captured on film. 

Anyway, Feyenoord won the match thanks to Robin van Persie’s 87th minute winner. 

The win helps Feyenoord keep pace with the early pacesetters in the Netherlands, PSV and Ajax. 

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