World Cup Social Media Roundup: Day 5

Day five saw two heavyweights, Belgium and England, secure victories but not without some nervy moments. Twitter was on call for reactions to all of the day's action. 

South Korea vs. Sweden 

This definitely wasn't the most exciting game of the tournament, and there wasn't much flow to the game. The internet took note of that.

Belgium vs. Panama

This game was a story of two halves. One in which Panama frustrated a much more talented Belgium side leading to thoughts of another upset, and another in which Belgium showed its talent and easily netted three goals to see of the CONCACAF squad. 

England vs. Tunisia

The Three Lions played some incredible football in the first 20 minutes and then proceeded to England it, only barely escaping with a victory. England's inability to convert and a missed penalty call on Harry Kane dominated the Twitterverse for this one.

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