World Cup Final Drinking Game Rules

Folks, we made it. The World Cup final has arrived and France and Croatia are sure to give us a final to remember. Good thing this World Cup Drinking Game may make it so you don’t remember it! 

Kylian Mbappe is not legally allowed to drink in the United States, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some beers while we watch the youngster ball out in Luzhniki Stadium. Here are the rules for the game. Feel free to use your creative spirit if you want to alter some of the rules. But the game goes as follows: 

  • Grab a beer
  • Open it
  • Pick a team
  • Watch the World Cup final, and follow these drinking game rules:

One Sip: 

  • Goal Kick 
  • Gratuitous shot of random (good looking) World Cup female 
  • Any time FOX messes something up 
  • Mention of Mbappe being 19 
  • When your team fouls someone 
  • Any set piece (corners or free kicks) 

Two Sips: 

  • VAR is used 
  • Yellow card issued to someone on your team 
  • When your team hits the post 
  • Celebrity sighting on the TV
  • If Putin shows up on screen
  • Mention of Luka Modric playing for Madrid and/or Rakitic playing for Barca

Chug your drink:

  • Red card on your team
  • If your team scores a free kick 
  • Keeper joins the attack
  • Whenever the camera shows Gianni Infantino shrugging to one of the foreign dignitaries 

World Cup Drinking Game Rules

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