West Brom’s New Mascot Is A Boiler And It’s A Cheeky Monkey

Following relegation from the Premier League last season, West Brom kicked off life in the Championship yesterday with a 2-1 home defeat to Bolton. But it wasn’t an entirely joyless exercise inside the Hawthorns as the club unveiled it’s new mascot: a boiler. Boiler Man. Maybe Boiler Boy. We don't know the age of the boiler (yet).

There’s the boiler boy now, walking down the touchline looking awfully confused.

Here’s Sky Sports providing some analysis of the boiler. Warning: This is hard-hitting stuff. 

Here’s Bolton fans chanting “what the fucking hell is that” at the boiler. In this case, however, the boiler is absolutely loving it. He’s pretending to moon the away supporters and then orchestrating the chant. lmao. You go boiler.

Boiler Man, ladies and gentleman. He’s not the hero we asked for, but he’s the hero we deserve. 

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