Weird Sergio Ramos Fan Shows How Not To Prepare For Sunday’s El Clásico

El Clásico is on Sunday, one of the most anticipated matches of the year. Sure, Cristiano Ronaldo has moved on and Lionel Messi is injured, but that just means this edition is more unpredictable than ever. Despite all the uncertainty swirling around both clubs right now, we’re pretty confident this year’s El Clásico will not disappoint. Unlike this Sergio Ramos haircut that’s currently breaking the internet. 

A Real Madrid fan decided to have a likeness of Sergio Ramos carved into his skull with the help of his local barber. His barber, unfortunately, apparently did not look at a picture of Sergio Ramos before getting to work.

Sergio Ramos Haircut

A fan's Sergio Ramos haircut. Don't try this at home, kids. Photo: @MARCABuzz | Twitter

Oh dear.

This poor soul already has to live with the fact that he’s a Sergio Ramos fan; now he has to live with this miserable haircut, at least until Sunday’s match.

Sadly, this is a trend that, for whatever reason, continues year after year despite never being a good idea. 

Who can forget this San Antonio youngster who was suspended from school because he had the likeness of Matt Bonner, a fellow redhead who played for the Spurs (not Tottenham, the Spurs that can actually win trophies), shaved into his head?

Honestly I’m not sure which on is Matt Bonner and which is the kid’s haircut. 

Unfortunately most sports-related hairdos are just plain awful. Take this pouty Steven Gerrard.

This likeness of Juan Cuadrado isn’t bad, but the eyes are searing a bit too deeply into my soul for my liking. 

One Serbian barber actually got pretty good at shaving Lionel Messi into the back of heads. 

One of my favorites was this Turkish fan who celebrated Didier Drogba by shaving his jersey onto his back. Full points for creativity — gotta work with what you’ve got. 

To be fair, all of these (except maybe Gerrard) are better than the Sergio Ramos haircut. Instead of getting a new hairdo for El Clásico this year, maybe just make this nice sangria?

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