Watch Danny Welbeck Make The Most Absurd Assists You’ll Ever See

Arsenal forward Danny Welbeck has an uncanny ability to pick out teammates.

Some players just have a gift. The ability to see a play develop before it happens. The audacity to attempt maneuvers others wouldn’t dare to try. The composure to pull off moves with the weight of the world watching. 

Danny Welbeck, as this recent highlight video shows, is one of those supremely talented footballers who just stands above the rest.

The speed and accuracy with which Welback makes these assists is world-class. Who needs Mesut Ozil teeing up Alexis Sanchez when you have Welbeck making the entire defense look foolish while setting up teammates for tap-ins. 

Thanks to @mikesanz19 for bringing our attention to Welbeck’s understated greatness. 

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