Tottenham Apparently Forgot What Holiday It Is At Their Christmas Party

At their Christmas party, Tottenham Hotspur evidently confused Christmas with Halloween.

Tottenham have apparently forgotten which holiday is approaching, and I think that's great. A picture from the club's Christmas party revealed the players had dressed up in costumes like it's Halloween.

It doesn't have to be Halloween for wearing costumes to be a good idea. Any holiday can work, or any day, really. Tottenham aren't letting convention define them, and that's great. Now, to the costumes.

Harry Kane's Bane is a favorite, but I really want to know who is in the bear costume. One of the center backs, perhaps? The world may never know.

What we do know is that we would've liked to have been invited, Tottenham.

Tottenham's Christmas party may have not reached the heights of lunacy that Bayern Munich's achieved a few years ago, but at least they tried something different and it was cool.

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