Even Jose Mourinho Had To Celebrate The Tottenham Ball Boy For This Assist

A ball boy became an unlikely hero as Tottenham came from 2-0 down to win 4-2.

Tottenham Hotspurs avoided what would have been a second Champions League disaster at home after coming back from down two to Olympiacos to win 4-2. The equalizing goal, though, came from an unlikely hero.

Watch the ball boy quickly react and give Danny Rose the ball for a quick throw-in to Lucas Moura, who set up Harry Kane for the tap in.

Not only did this help Spurs get the equalizer, but the ball boy's quick thinking has given him internet stardom as well!

Jose Mourinho, who celebrated with the Tottenham ball boy after the goal, said in his post-match interview that he wanted to celebrate with the ball boy after the game as well, but couldn't find him.

"To do that, you have to be a very good ball boy," Mourinho said. "(He) understands the game, reads the game, isn't there just to look to the stands or the lights or the scarves. He's there living the game and playing the game very, very well. In the end, I wanted to invite him to the dressing room to celebrate with us but he disappeared." 

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