Things Not To Say To Women Watching The Women's World Cup

We really, REALLY want to hear what you have to say.

 Guys, say these things to any female fan and she’ll instantly love you. No really, she will. 

Things Not To Say To Women Watching The Women's World Cup

1. Where’s your boyfriend? You came with him right?

Wouldn’t you like to know. 

2. I bet you can’t name five people on the team. 

Try me. No really, I dare you. 

3. This is probably the only game you’ve watched all year. 


4. You know a lot ... for a girl

Ah, I love a man stuck in the 1800s. 

5. Do you need me to tell you the rules? 

No thanks, I really prefer to stay away from all forms of mansplaining. 

6. Can you go get us another round? You aren’t really watching anyway. 

Pretty sure you have two legs, use ‘em.

7. Wow! You don’t seem like the kind of girl who likes sports. 

And what kind of girl is that? Is there some sort of criteria? Please, enlighten me. 

8. That was an interesting opinion, where did you read it? 

Ha. Ha. Ha. Bye. 

9. Can we change the channel? I want to watch something interesting...

Mmmhmm, sure I would love to watch grown men flop around on the ground like fish out of water instead. 

10. Now sweetheart, if you have any questions at all, I’m your guy. 

Yes of course, I forgot your Tuesday night rec league made you an expert. 


And to those of you gentlemen out there taking to Twitter, here are some things the players themselves truly love to see:

Things Not To Say To Women's World Cup Players On Twitter

1. They’re good for women’s soccer

Please, tell me more as you sit on your couch eating a family-size bag of potato chips. 

2. *insert any joke regarding the kitchen, sandwiches or aprons* 

I get it, you’re insecure. 

3. Who cares how many goals she’s scored, look at that body!

Oh you mean the one that’s stronger and more athletic than yours? Yeah, it’s pretty damn badass.   

4. I can do everything she did. 

Great Chad, I’d love to see you try. I’m always down for a good laugh. 

5. LOL, who even cares it’s just the Women’s World Cup.

Well actually, according to FIFA, over 1 billion people care so…

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