The Taca Da Liga Final Game Ball Was Delivered By The Green Goblin

A man on a drone delivered the Taca da Liga final match ball. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Imagine someone from the past, when comic books were a major form of entertainment, travelled forward in time to this weekend. Imagine you met them, and when they mentioned they love comic books, and now that it's the future is there any chance we've been able to give anyone superpowers yet?

Your answer would have to be that the first comic book character we'ver been able to truly recreate is the, uh, it's the Green Goblin.

Well, that's embarrassing. Not the miracle of human flight, just the fact that the miracle of human flight is more supervillain-ish than I would have liked. We should probably be concerned about that. And make a legit superhero to counteract this whole thing. Preferably Spiderman, as we already know from the books and movies he can defeat the Green Goblin.

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