Former USMNT CM Stu Holden Absolutely Rocked An Elsa Dress — Until The Disney Police Showed Up

Former USMNT midfielder Stu Holden discovered a little-known Disneyland rule.

Former USMNT midfielder Stu Holden took a break from pulling double duty with Fox Sports and B/R Live to focus on daddy duty, taking his daughter, Kennady, to Disneyland on Thursday. 

The former Houston Dynamo and Bolton Wanderers player decided to do a little cosplaying, dressing up as Elsa from Frozen (I assume; I’m the only one who hasn’t actually seen the movie). Kennady dressed up as well. 

Both looked absolutely stunning.

Only one was told to take off the dress.

It turns out, the beautiful Stu Holden dress ran afoul of a little-known Disneyland rule. According to Rule D: “Costumes may not be worn by guests ages 14 or older.”

That’s an ageist rule if I’ve ever seen one. What’s next, are they going to tell people they can’t ride Magic Mountain because they’re too short? (As an aside, decades ago Disney World told my identical twin brother he could ride Magic Mountain, but I was too short. I'm still bitter.)

Cosplaying is such a big part of fandom these days, it’s shocking Disney still prohibits it at its parks, unless you’re under a certain age. It's not like they're disrupting anyone at the park, like Alex Morgan does. It’s offensive and ageist, discriminating against people solely because they aren’t small and cute.

Well, Stu Holden is kind of small and cute, so he should be allowed to rock that Elsa dress all day long. 

And anyone else who wants to dress up as his or her favorite Disney character should be able to do so as well. Though the rules state otherwise, you wonder if Stu would’ve been asked to change had he been a skinny blonde woman. 

While we’re at it, there are some other Disneyland rules I think need to be reexamined:

  • Rule F says you must supervise your children at all times. But kids are boring and that’s too much work to ask of a parent on vacation.
  • Prohibited Item B says you can’t bring in alcoholic beverages, marijuana or other illegal substances. What is this, prison?
  • Prohibited Item G says you’re not allowed to bring weapons into Disneyland. But I thought the NRA told us the only thing to stop bad people with guns is good people with guns? 
  • The above rule also prohibits any object that appears to be a weapon, which includes toy blasters and squirt guns. Really, Disney? Really? 

I guess I’m fortunate my child, a grumpy, middle-aged cat, has yet to ask me to take him to Disneyland, because those rules are stifling. I wouldn’t even be allowed to dress up as my favorite Disney princess: Stu Holden. 

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