You’ll Cringe At These Soccer Clubs Joking About Having 280 Twitter Characters

Tuesday marked the beginning of a new era, with Twitter doubling the character count for most Western-language users. (Japanese, Korean and Chinese users will stay at 140 because their languages convey more per character.) There were countless bad jokes across the globe as everyone felt compelled to tweet about the fact they had something that everyone else had. 

Soccer Twitter was no different. For many European teams, the move was made overnight, meaning social media coordinators woke up to a newfound era of tweeting. From Barcelona to Brentford FC , it seems like every club had to weigh in on the fact they could now post twice as many characters as before. Some, like Borussia Monchengladbach, had good tweets. Some were bad. Some were silly. Some were a waste of space (a lot of space). Some were just an excuse to brag. Most every one included as close to 280 characters as they could get. 

So who won the #280characters battle? Who had the worst? Decide for yourself from some of top choices below.

Premier League

La Liga


(For some background, Wolfsburg has managed to draw seven straight Bundesliga matches.)

Serie A


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