This Hungarian Player Is The Champion Of Entering Stadiums

Now this is how you make an entrance.

(mandatory musical accompaniment to this post)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get down to that soccer field in the silliest way imaginable. You must draw as much attention to yourself as possible. Be noticed by everyone. Make sure you do not do anything that a normal human would do. Do what a bored teenager would do in this situation. Avant garde stadium entering.

Good luck.

(holds up "10" sign like a gymnastics judge)

We're just going to assume he stuck the landing here. The form was perfect. Notice how he keeps his back perfectly level. There's no arrest to the slide, either. Smooth all the way down, like a cold beer on a summer afternoon. Keeps his body perpendicular to the rails the whole way down, too. Right angles everywhere.

Mission accomplished.

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