This Howler In The Qatari League Cup Shows Why Patience Is A Virtue

The goalkeeper got a little too excited here, and it cost him dearly.

Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. These are two pieces of generally-accepted wisdom that in most situations can improve peoples' lives. 

However, these two pieces of wisdom are not always adhered to because I WANT THAT THING AND I WANT IT RIGHT NOW. NOW NOW NOW.

Usually, upon reflection, a person who ignores the wisdom of waiting in order to TRY AND GET A THING RIGHT NOW is proved to have been foolish, and that person wishes they had been patient. This goalkeeper in the Qatari League Cup is one of those people.

If he had just been patient and stayed in his goal like a good boy he probably would not have been scored on. His goal was not even in any immediate danger. Instead, he fell victim to his lizard brain impulses and RAN OUT TO GET THE THING GET IT GET IT GET IT. He did not get it, and, even worse, the ball went in the goal, the place where he had been standing just seconds before.

He ran from a position in which he was able to defend his goal to a position in which he was not for no discernable reason other than THE BALL'S OVER THERE GOTTA GO GET IT.

Buddy, you should read The Count Of Monte Cristo. Wait and hope. You might not get scored on that way.

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