Roberto Firmino Nutmegged A Maribor Defender Back To Slovenia

When this Maribor defender woke up this morning, he probably didn't know today would be his last day as a professional soccer player. He probably didn't think Roberto Firmino would nutmeg him so badly as to necessitate his rejecting society and living out his days in a cave, as a hermit.

But that's what Firmino did, so this poor man must now grow a giant beard and take a vow of silence.

This is one of the most disrespectful things I have ever seen on a soccer field.

Like, as a defender, how do you rebound from that kind of humiliation, short of moving somewhere they haven't even heard of soccer and changing your name lest they ever find out?

How will this man's children, assuming he has some, be able to look him in the eye after this? What will his wife say when they are forced to move into Roberto Firmino's house and cater to his every whim?

Footy. It's a cruel sport sometimes. 

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