Watch The Most Hilarious Own Goals Of All-Time

Hilarious own goals are a tragedy for the player who scores them. It's arguably even worse for goalkeepers as they are the only players on the field allowed to use their hands. In spite of this, however, they sometimes manage to score the most remarkable, unexplainable own goals.

This week, 18-year-old Benfica goalkeeper Mile Svilar scored a really unfortunate own goal when the Eagles faced Manchester United in the Champions League.

Nemanja Matic took a long distance shot that hit the post and then, hilariously, crept into the back of the net after hitting Svilar’s back.

In case this wasn’t enough misfortune for Svilar, a couple weeks ago he conceded a goal after a baffling mistake, also against Manchester United.

A few weeks ago it was Memo Ochoa who conceded a laughable own goal in a World Cup qualifying match against Honduras. The ball hit the crossbar, then Ochoa’s head and then went into the goal.

Earlier this year, Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué scored an own goal against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup.

So now that goalkeeping mistakes and own goals are trending, we figured it would be a good time to show you a compilation of the most hilarious goalkeeping mistakes and own goals to date. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sometimes it's not even the goalkeeper’s fault when they score own goals. For example, when the ball hits the post and then bounces helplessly against their bodies.

There is a popular soccer saying in Mexico that states: “Portero sin suerte no es portero.” (A goalkeeper without luck is no goalkeeper.)

So even when players are unlucky enough to score own goals, we as viewers are fortunate enough that those plays are recorded and we can laugh our pants off looking at them.

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