Premier League Drinking Game Rules For The 2018-19 Season

Ready for the 38-week grind of waking up for Premier League games?! Want to get your weekends (or weekdays) off to a smashing start with a couple of beers? Here is the 2018-19 Premier League Drinking Game!

Who’s ready to watch some Premier League?! Who’s ready to play a drinking game while watching the Premier League?! You are! (If you're looking for a little Premier League preview, look no further than here)

I introduce the 2018-19 Premier League Drinking game! Every now and again, when you want to spice up your Premier League viewing experience, you can play this absolutely lit drinking game. You can also play it every weekend or even for every game, there is no judgement here. Heck,  you can even use it for LaLiga, Serie A or even your kid’s U-7 soccer match. 

Here's the deal. If you’re in the United States, you’re waking up pretty early for the Premier League. If you’re in the U.K. matches are at a much more acceptable time to crack open a cerveza. But I know plenty of folks who hit pubs in the early morning to watch their beloved Premier League clubs. So - take this gem with you or just play it on your couch alone or with your friends. Maybe even make some mimosas or bloody mary's. Or even some World Cup cocktails if you're really looking to get after it and you miss this summer's action!

Here’s the breakdown of the rules:


Pick a team. This drinking game works for any match you are watching.



One Sip

  • Goal Kick 
  • When Your Team Flops 
  • When Your Team Fouls Someone 
  • Any Set Piece (Corners, Free Kicks)

Two Sips 

  • Yellow card to someone on your team 
  • When your team hits the post 
  • When You Notice Kyle Martino Got A Fresh New Haircut
  • Any Manager Losing Their Mind On Touchline 
  • Any mention of a players World Cup performance 
  • Any mention of VAR 

Chug Your Drink

  • Red Card on your team 
  • If your team scores a free kick 
  • A goalkeeper joins in on the attack
  • Anytime goal-line technology has to be used to decide a goal
  • When a manager gets sent to the stands
  • If the match ends 0-0

We also added some team specials, so every single game, no matter who you are watching, has a fun little wild card to get you extra saucey. 

One Sip Team Specials

Arsenal: Aubameyang dancing (Two sips for a flip)

Bournemouth: When you hear the word "Cherries"

Brighton: Just take a sip if you're watching Brighton. You've earned it.

Burnley: Any shot of Sean Dyche 

Cardiff City: Any mention of Wales

Chelsea: Eden Hazard nutmegs someone  

Crystal Palace: When Zaha does something that makes you wonder why he's still at Crystal Palace

Everton: Jordan Pickford losing his mind at his backline 

Fulham: Any reference to Americans who played there 

Huddersfield: Mention of David Wagner being American or his Jurgen Klopp connection  

Leicester City: Jamie Vardy is having a party is sung or Jamie Vardy scores

Liverpool: When you hear the Mo Salah Runnin' Down The Wing song

Manchester City: Kevin De Bruyne gets an assist 

Manchester United: Alexis Sanchez complaining to his teammates or Jose Mourinho complaining to the 4th official 

Newcastle United: Any Mention of Mike Ashley (honestly just chug it)  

Southampton: Any mention of Liverpool during one of their matches

Tottenham: Harry Kane scores 

Watford: When you hear an Elton John reference

West Ham: When the commentators mention the old Boleyn Ground 

Wolves: Any mention of Jorge Mendes or Portugal

Premier League Drinking Game

Premier League Drinking Game Teams

As always folks, drink responsibly and certainly don’t drive after drinking. Feel free to expand or come up with your own rules. 

Enjoy the season.

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