Your Premier League Club’s Season In GIF Format

This is highly accurate and well done!

With just a few weeks remaining in the 2017-18 Premier League season, we are quickly winding down towards one of the most anticlimactic final days of all-time. If Tottenham collapse, Chelsea might yet play themselves into the top four, and Southampton could still manage to avoid the drop — just look at what Newcastle have accomplished over the last four games.

However, on the basis of the eight months we’ve spent devouring The World’s Best League™, Chelsea deserve their place in the Europa League alongside Burnley, and both West Brom and Stoke City are in dire need of getting their shit together in the Championship. 

And so with the fascinating tussle between places 8-15 as our only real source of drama before the World Cup, let’s go ahead and run the rule over all 20 EPL clubs in GIF format! 

Here’s the story of your club’s season.

2017-18 Premier League Clubs In GIF Form

#1. Manchester City

Soccersplanation: Don't come at the champ. Unless you're Wigan.

#2. Manchester United

Soccersplanation: "It's a big match, what're the tactics boss?"

#3. Liverpool

Soccersplanation: Liverpool. So easy on the eyes.

#4. Tottenham

Soccersplanation: ;)

#5. Chelsea

Soccersplanation: "Thanks for the seasono."

#6. Arsenal

Soccersplanation: Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down.

#7. Burnley

Soccersplanation: Lads on tour!

#8. Leicester City

Soccersplanation: No complaints here. Ever again.

#9. Everton

Soccersplanation: Davy Klaassen, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Wayne Rooney, Theo Walcott

#10. Newcastle United

Soccersplanation: "We're top 10!...We're getting relegated!...We're top 10!"

#11. Bournemouth

Soccersplanation: Eddie Howe

#12. Watford

Soccersplanation: Mid-table!

#13. Brighton

Soccersplanation: Magical season on the South Coast.

#14. West Ham

Soccersplanation: London Stadium.

#15. Huddersfield

Soccersplanation: All the feels.

#16. Crystal Palace

Soccersplanation: Finding Frank de Boer.

#17. Swansea City

Soccersplanation: A question directed at Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan.

#18. Southampton

Soccersplanation: Going from "What Could've Been XI" to the reality of the table.

#19. Stoke City

Soccersplanation: Where is Jesé?

#20. West Brom

Soccersplanation: You had to have known what you were getting.

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